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Suffering from "working from home fatigue" during lock down?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Have a listen to this panel discussion, organised and chaired online yesterday by author, mentor, trainer and public speaker - Andy Lopata.

You'll find a teaser here: And the full length discussion here:

Thanks for the invitation to take part, it was both cathartic and inspirational to hear how other professionals are addressing homeworking in these circumstances.

In the full discussion, we looked at:

- How organisations can support employees forced into working from home

- Coping with mental and physical issues caused by working from home

- Working around 'distractions' such as young family

- The role of technology

- Your working environment and more.

Thanks to Andy for organising it and to the other panel members Robert Gardner, Tom Ball, Laura Ash, Paul McGee for their interesting discussion and top tips.

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Image credit: Izabelle Acheson

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