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In our world, everything is connected

Work is not work, it is what we create

We do not differentiate between work and life - it is all just LIFE.  Work is everyone's chance to make a positive difference.  

Anywhere working

The future of working is now.  We continue to develop our remote working practices to create a more balanced work-life ratio that benefits both the individual and the business, and to nurture a healthier environment for us all.  We support anywhere working, homeworking and office working.  

Anytime working

Whether it is flexible working hours around child care, or simply because you want to get outside when it is sunny, we believe in meeting deadlines with a schedule that works for everyone.

Great work can come from anyone, anywhere

We aspire to do our small bit to make sure that everyone, where ever they are, has the opportunity to learn and to do great work.  

Community (online and real world) is everything

Community is both a responsibility and a necessity, especially when you remote work.  We believe in supporting each other, at work, at home, locally, in our industry or on the other side of the world.  

The gift economy

Money is not everything.  We believe in finding a way.  We always quote for what a job is worth to be able to give it our all.  However, there are many ways to get things done.  We support meaningful ideas and individuals. When we are in a position to do so we will consider skills exchanges of equal value.

Harness technology...

Technology will continue to change everything.  We consider it in our answer to every question​.


We love to travel and value the inspiration it brings.  We also value face to face meetings, when required, to help build relationships and get things done.  However, when we travel we make sure that it counts. 

Our environment

We are conscious of our environmental impact and look to contribute positively where we can.  Remote working saves the environmental impact of pointless commutes.  We calculate our yearly carbon impact and offset it by planting trees.


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