How it works

A co-ordinated approach

At the start of your project we assign you a dedicated business director who will be your main point of contact.  They will co-ordinate your specialist freelance team for you based on your requirements.  Our model of working facilitates quick and easy team assembly of exactly the people and the skills you need, when you need them.  Having a business director means they can translate your requirements to the team without you needing to learn any marketing jargon or technical language.  The work is delivered for you, as a consolidated package, therefore working effectively as possible.

A remote first way of working

We are committed to and passionate about using remote working as a first option.  Why?  It saves time and money on all sides, and its easier on our environment.  Remote working is a skill in itself and we choose our teams carefully in order to maximise efficiency and output for your individual project. 

Real world touch points if needed

We are of course always happy to meet directly with you, subject to location and budget, if you prefer.  Furthermore, we recognise the importance of real-world contact and can help you organise meetings, working sessions and even retreats for your company, if useful.

What next?

We've told you a bit about our world, how we live and what we believe.  If this feels like your world too, then please get in touch.


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