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What kind of CREATE space are you?

The messy desk? The doodle desk? The supertidy-don't-touch desk? The sofa desk? The 10+ cups-of-coffee-and-counting desk? The working-from-bed-desk?

Working in your home environment, what kind of CREATE SPACE are you?

Let's see shall we... we'd love it if you could post a picture of your home remote working space and tag @anywhereagency . Perhaps we can get a "virtual art collection" going for isolation 2020. They don't have to be works of art or serious. Not rude and not naked probably best. Show us your desk!

At Anywhere Agency, we like to think of our work spaces as studios. The places where we choose to create. The best work comes from being inspired by your surroundings.

We may all be stuck at home at the moment during Coronavirus isolation 2020, but it's worth finding a way to curate your work space and inspire yourself with your ideas. To help inspire you, we've collected a Pinterest board of artist studios and creative workspaces, called aa create spaces. Whatever your work is, it is your art, it's what you create.

Although the world in isolation is a crisis, it is also an opportunity for us all to sit down and get on with the projects we've always wanted to do. Clear you desk of clutter, decorate it with things that lift your spirits and inspire your mind - and begin. And please take a photograph and share it with us to inspire others too!

Please post your photographs on either Facebook - tagging the image with @nywhereagency or Instagram - tagging @anywhereagency.

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